Monday, August 10, 2009

Butterflies in hoop with all kinds of goodies inside

I am making two designs but probably use one...not sure as at this same time I am making a tyvek butterfly too..I like using all this different techniques..It is a lot of work for a charity quilt as someone told me but also, I have been out of art quilting for almost 9 months and you think you won't foget what you learn...wrong, I not practicing before machine quilting...if anything I tell every one practice practice before going now it is practicing for me again..I also have a new stuff that I want to try , no not lutador..but a plastic kinda film my dh brought home from work, think I might need to look a monster to burn this, it might have some awful fumes coming out it...if don't work out, no big deal..I am also going to use some snippets of different greens under tulle for my son's quilt and want to do a lot playing this afternoon...if my right calf lets. I let Suzie out and when she came she was so excited like she hasn't seen me in days and ran so fast and knocked onto the couch and at the same time my calf gave a a cramp, I thought I died and went to hell.sorry it still likes a dickens and not even the cane is helping put some heat on it and still hurts to walk. so not sure if the foot will let keep on pushing that pedal to the metal..but will try anyway..if I can't I always have my binding to do and I will find something else to do....but wanted to show those like my sisters who haven't done this cool it is ....lots of hugs, Lorraine

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