Monday, August 10, 2009

Rosie Girls with Butterflies and mock gecko

Here is my awesome shiny butterfly..I use two holographic threads in one needle went around it and inside all around and than went over it with black rayon to do the detailing on the outside....underneath all this is some Angelina fibers, I just tore it apart after ironing some blueish color, some lilac..then use some gridded red shiny fabric, some party tinsels..and than cover it with while tulle..which I happen to be out of off..just had enough to do now shopping is needed..I have a mock up gecko on the the bottom leaf, but you know it doesn't fit into this quilt so I am going omit it..I am not going to put borders on this one just light green binding..I am not sure if i will do some meandering, small like the other one or what my plans are till I get there..but it has a hue of light lilac in the background fabric..any ideas...I did not finish the other butterfly but will later one for another quilt I decide to make..I will be playing around with some green snippets this evening for a tree, bushes or whatever..but know I need some for my son's quilt..I will use variegated green with a touch of yellow and so...if my leg lets me, still hurts..Suzie thinks I am mad at here because I screamed and have been trying to let her know that I am not..she is getting blind and when she came in just did not see my legs I guess..poor thing...
No work was done on my deck..but tomorrow son is suppose to come and take a few boards of my deck so they can digs 4 holes under it and than dh will come home with the hole digger..about 100 dollars for a day...oh is going to cost us twice now because we still plan on doing the other deck as soon as the weather over the weekend lets them have 2 days of far it is not...
Walgreen's filled that prescription and he called them it was still $316 dollars and ask them why, BCBS wants the Dr to give a lower price medication..well, told them thank you but no thank you..The Dr that Rita got for me never called for my apt time today and she did that at 10 that goes that in trying to help me out..Dr..whoever!! it is right pouring down rain...hope it is not tomorrow...but now that they are inside the deck so I don't think it really matters..
Have a wonderful day and hugs to all, Lorraine
Click on the photo if you want a large look at it..

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