Sunday, August 9, 2009

Orange Bloomers just needs some binding sewing and beads added

Here it is all finished meandering tiny in the middle part and swirls on the outside borders..
Here it is with the binding added and it took my swirls away, I guess I did to far on the outside but it still is pretty..Now I will sew the binding by hand and satin stitch that little bit of the green leaf hanging out of the border..and put some beads in the middle..I used a varigated orange rayon in the middle, that is why it is light in some areas and dark in others..than I used darker orange for the rest. At least this is done and I can send photos to the Autism site..I am now going to finished up the Napkins insect little quiltlet by sewing another piece on the back and hang the loose insect on the bottom using is really pretty in person..ohhh forgot to add the photo..I will when done...
Chat: for my family and friends as FB puts whatever I put in here in their site..sorry for those who do not want to read this..this is one way to keep up with my family and friends that are not on FB..but can read my blog..My blog is for personal, family photos, and my creative journeys it takes you do have to read the rest of it..but I do thank you for visiting my blog..
I am now eating baby food, not bad but sure wish it was regular food..better than nothing...I had an egg with 2 little Vienna baby sausage with went down well with no # 8 pains in my stomach after eating them..
I could not wait for dh apt so I called in Friday..Dr. Brody's wife, Rita, did try and get me into the hospital without being seen but the Dr that does these test has to evaluate me, figures, they have to make their money too..and than he will schedule the test and hopefully give me something till the test..Rita did called in some meds..but being so late on Friday she forgot to see if my insurance and the Dr OK..when dh went to pick them up they wanted $300 for 60 of those
pills, I have heard them called the purple pill..started with a thank you I am doing fine for now...I have to eat about every 2-2 1/2 hours or I start to hurt...either applesauce, yogurt or sugar free pudding..Oh he even bought me some baby banana do not taste bad but the carrots not sure about...I have been able to eat about 2 TBs of mashed potatoes but no more...I have lost another 10..but not on my accord..on my I have been exercising but right now my back and knee says to stop, it has started to hurt, so will use the heating pad as I am not done for the day..I am in the mood for sewing!! lol you all know how that is...lots of love and hugs..Lorraine right is freezing with dh home..I usually keep it at 80-81 and he puts it to 78..I do refuse to wear winter close in my home during the

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