Friday, August 14, 2009

Art in Paper-Napkin with Insect for Autism charity

I just finished sending this to Claudine Intner to put into the charity site. This is new art in paper for me..I have worked with a lot of paper in art but not like was wonderful to play and learn at the same time, lol
What I did this morning to finished it up..I took some acrylic gold metallic paint and dry brushed on the outside of the piece and than sprinkle micro chips on the paint and than zap it with the heat gun..I also did that with some of the insects, just a touch, and zapped it too.
The insects that are hanging have Utee on them but brushed on some metallic acrylic gold and micro chips and also zapped it..made them "pop" up more. than I beaded them on the felt art. On the back is two white plastic hoops for hanging..

Close up view, click on these photos to see a larger photo. have a great day as I am, lots of hugs, and thank you for visiting my blog. Lorraine
It is awesome in person, is 9 W x 11H-with the insects

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