Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Quilt for Autism charity finished

Close up of the middle of flowers beaded. I used size 11 seed bead, copper silvered line and size 8 orange beads..
All done and I almost kept it for when the last bead went on, and saw it at a distance on how wonderful it looks, it was hard to send but after almost 9 of absence of making an art quilt..came out pretty let's see if I can finished the second one. I did not put it online as I wanted Claudine Inter to receive it first..The deadline is Sept 1, whip something creative and send you her photos..We mail our items to the person this time you do not have to mail it in..It might a bit darker than it should be..lots of hugs, Lorraine who just done filling out about 6 sheets of paper for the Dr's tomorrow..but I gave them more info than they probably wanted....I am going to lay down for awhile, got up too way too early..lots of hugs, Lorraine and thank you visiting my blog..
click on photos to see it larger..

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