Sunday, August 16, 2009

My African Symbol quilt

I have gotten side track when I found this fabric at I have been wanting to make an African quilt, but not quite like this one but with people and symbols..but this will do..It has metallic gold all over the back ground.It has designs within the squares..I found these symbol in a quilt site about 2-3 years for quilters..but choose these because of its meaning..I will have them in African and English on the backing..Oh I will do something on the symbols..maybe some gold spraying or something like that..I was thinking of making them loos kinda different and using tyvek and paint it black with gold and zap with the heat gun but the I think it should be as they are and not all wrinkled..who know..anyway this fabric is great..I have enough left over to do a scene with people so will do that later..I love African fabric.. oh I bought more fabric as if I needed it. Went there to buy white and black never can go and just get what I want..
I will be adding photos here later with my printmaster program with the photos from Patti and Rich Johnstone(sister and bil)..they are so wonderful. Oh how I miss the ocean and all the beauty that goes with it..I have about 3 ocean themes already designed and just need to get them onto cloth or maybe even canvas..taking a class on acrylic painting right this may the outlook I am looking for..back on canvas..hugs, Lorraine


Mary said...

I love the print you choose for your Afican quilt...I meant to anwer you but i also got side you, Mary

LorraineS said...

Side track, or your farm! I change it and it looks a lot better will try and finished it tomorrow..thank you sis love Lorraine

ms said...

Your quilt is Beautiful! I would love to learn to create such a beautiful quilt!...maybe in 2011
Thanks for sharing the Adinkra beauty!

best wishes

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