Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Napkins steps 5-6 insects and flower

On the previous red one I already had sewn the holey grid to the felted pieces..but this is what it looks like..wet and scraped as much or less to put on top of the felted piece, this time I put more holes than the read on..Than we cut out the shapes from another napkin..
Set on top for now..I still have a few more steps..this one had a nice trim so am trying to use it too but not sure.the butterfly I will have to add its antenna, it was very light to try and cut out..I have one more napkin and can use that to have something dangling from the piece, which is what I am going to do this one only..

I choose to do the middle part of this one..with the tiny butterfly.. all in all, I like the process using the napkins. Now I need a rest and son is coming over to dig some holes for reinforce my upper deck for my hot spa..

So far this is what it looks like..I still have other preparing to do with the cut up pieces and sew the gridded piece to the felted what do you think..
I thought I was behind in this class but I am not, this is the process and more that you do not know of do what Dale has in her lesson..we can make book covers, with different type of napkins, a flower book and etc..which I do not plan on doing any time soon, for one reason this is all the napkins I have and now that I know the process...I can do it at any time..I will be do some distressing, some Utee and maybe gluing but I do have my own ideas that might be easier and brighter so we will see what I come up with..that is what creativity is all about..doing you own thing if you like..lots of hugs and thank you for visiting my for a cup of hot tea and a nap, a lot earlier than yesterday...anyway with son here who knows what I will get Lorraine

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