Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pink Poinsettia-hafl sewn and half pinned

I hand sewn the 3 small pedals and one larger last week, but having to deal with wonder under, it was very hard on my fingers and late last night I tackled it with the sewing machine...It looks good, I used pink holographic thread so it has a shine to it from far away viewing...Got up this morning and pinned the 4 other pedals and it will be done tonight..the sewing part anyway, class is going to be closed so at least wanted to get this much done...I probably will work on it more this evening as we are going to go and see Harry Potter and also look for a hot tub..found out is also go for those that are diabetics..I was getting for my pains for the arthritis as I take so many hot showers a day to relieve the pain...I cannot wait to get to my purple..I will be using a royal purple for the leaves not sure if i will carry it out through the whole quilt.
Dh and I had a kinda worried day yesterday, I kept my self so busy and did not sit down after about 3 hours straight of doing things around the house...found out later he did worry at work.
Last Friday Dr Gordon told Terry he was thinking of doing something to his heart in 2 weeks as his stress, one part did not come out good..well, he called last night for my report..I do not have blockage to my heart, YEAH!1 but I really knew this because the heart beats were so strong..but he did tell me that I have a very large "painful" cyst behind my right knee...I told him I knew this since my last knee surgery on my left knee 4 years ago..I had them in both back knees..but the left one left on its own..It is painful, when I do a lot with my knee it is about a size of a nickel. but when I do it is the size of a quarter..that is why the back side is always painful..He said this is related to being a diabetic, some thong I did not know..anyway we are fine today and going to the movies..and hope we have enough time to look at some hot spas..we are going to put it on the deck...So you all have a wonderful weekend, I know I will and thank you for visiting my blog. lots of hugs, Lorraine

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