Thursday, July 23, 2009

Embellish Brooch is done going out in mail today

I had fun this morning with my Embellisher going crazy with a piece of blue felt..about a 5x5..felting every type of fabric, a bit or roving, lames..but this ended up being the section I pick for the brooch as the girl I am sending it to like blue and I hope you like it the UK..I was going to just a make a double flower and decided she needed a face and put some Angelina fiber behind here...I think she is adorable..
Snowy is not with us anymore..we just felt like with Suzie we just did not need another dog..told him went back to my son..Suzie did the next day kept on checking for her outside and yet while we had her, she ignored Snowy and Snowy wanted to play..but every time I went out there she would run for the bushes or to the side of the house and was afraid she would get into the back no fence back there..I fell a few times on my hands thank goodness trying to get her..I am not sad as I know she will end in a home with little children to play with her..
I had to have a blockage test yesterday, it was suppose to on Monday but I had to change due to dh work..I was told it was a simple test and you are in and out..It was not..It was HELL..first she probe me from my groin and upper thigh and all the way down my legs to my toe..and it hurts..with this gel..than a lady comes in and they put these cuffs from my thighs to my toes..and 2 on my arms..As tight as they can get it to beat..In the meantime I am freezing my butt off and I kept telling them I was to get pneumonia and they just laugh, and I wasn't kidding the next thing they do is do the cuffs and the ultra sound and from the upper thigh, to the hurts too, they said some people liked it and I said they must be sadistic people..they laugh again..well..when the got to my knee which they had that right above the knees..I thought I was gong to die with pain..any way they could not get a beat with my toes and the woman remarked her toes are frozen I think that is lasted 45 minutes..when they told me I was done..I sat up and got down and went to my clothes and put them on while they in there and told them goodbye asking when will Dr Gordon received them..I already had waited 45 minutes to emergencies comes first and there were 4 of them..I came home and went straight to bed to try and get warm...I dared my dh to put the ac on in the truck..he did not.It took all night and some this morning and I am find now but just now I just wait and till Dr. Gordon calls to let me know if I have blockage..I know I don't those beats were strong Have a great day, my dh should be home soon from his stress test and he took the day off..
We are going to look for a hot tub maybe today if not on Saturday..I am told being a diabetic that I am not suppose used them but hey I use to take trips to Hot Springs, AK to go to the spa up there, the best there is and I have been about 6 in different areas..Have a great day and thank you for visiting my blog. hugs, Lorraine

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