Monday, July 13, 2009

Poinsettia with veins added for Ruth's class

I had to guess by peeking underneath as the light box light went out so I think I did good..the veins are pinned as I am doing them by hand.. This is leftovers that I made with Nancy Chong's class, Celtic Table Runner at QU..I still have enough for two more for the green and a lot of the brown..but it is hard to find where to use the is on the light side going to dark...oh well..
It is storming here and thundering and dh did not show me how to use the generator so if the electricity goes out, I will use a lamp and sew on my bed the I have already cut out another set of fusing but have not decided on fabric, I really would love to do one in the purple family, lavender, lilac and so on....but probably end up being red dyed who knows till I get there. have a nice afternoon and thank you for visiting ...hugs, Lorraine

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