Thursday, July 2, 2009

Poinsettia class with Ruth

I have chosen my hand dyed pink fabric to make the petals for the poinsettia and this green for the leaves.. I have extra bias for the stain glass part already done so will be sewing this by hand or machine, if I think I get it nice and I haven't chosen the back ground fabric out yet but having doing this, it will be easier on me..I have probably done this a bit backwards but bending over and working with the background is not good for me at this time..I love poinsettias but love the pink ones..I wish they had them in purple..I saw some at Lowell's and got all excited, headed right for them last year only to find out they painted the leaves..ohhhhhhhhhhhh...maybe I should have done this in lots of hugs and again thank you for visiting my blog, Lorraine the bottom of the left side you will see a map. It will be deleted as soon as my sissies need the info on the towns we have been being Navy brats...I was also a navy wife..I have taken a lot of genealogy trips so I have been to many towns and cities..of course there is more but we gave up last night enough is of course for

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