Monday, June 29, 2009

Still working on my Fishes so far this is what they look like

This is my seahorse..I had him looking like a real one with the tan color and fibers with bumps on it..but he just blended in the wall as my wallpaper is a tan I just picked up some bright fun fur and felted it on. the bottom part of him is now cut and I still have a lot of work on him...don't judge me now..but he really does look better in person..I broke 4 needles with this sewing yet but that is the next step and than a lot of beading.
This is my kissing fish, I think as the other one I did has big mouth too...I have just about every thing in this guy but with one technique on top the other you can not really see it 7 different colors of lame under the pinkish purple fiber..but you can see in person...No sewing yet that is next too and also some beading..

My angel fish..he is the best I think so far...but I had this wonderful green sheer fabric that had stitching going down, in the middle of that a small ruffle and another row of stitching but with a very shiny see through thread..the first thread had sequins in it and I did not see it so there went one than I had to remove all of the sequin to felt it on the sewing machine would have ate those now to the sewing machine..all the above fish will have feathers added to their extra fun in them
They are not as stiff as I want them to be, but will try some other kind of medium, have samples to use..I just do not to melt them are for my bathroom walls and I do not want prints any more..the only print I will have in there is my mermaid..on her own ceramic shelf I made about 8-9 years when I was in business.. I might have to do some other way to keep them up if my way does not putting sticks on the back and then hang them..this for sure will keep them up straight..I take 2-3 hot, very hot, showers a day for my pain in my the moisture is what I worry about even if I have a fan in there...I have put anything with fabric or fibers in my bathroom..except for the shower curtain by are different...but thinking of making my own shower curtain with all the fabrics I have in bolts that I have had the chance to do any dyeing lately as I believe I will have problems finding the just right shower curtain..the one I am using now took a whole year before I found, about 15 years ago..
went the Dr for my regular 3 month check up.,,so far my sugar is fine. LOST another 4 pounds considering I tried to quit smoking about 2 months ago and put on this is good news..Hooray for Lorraine!! oh no I haven't quit and told Dr Joseph I did not want to hear anymore about me quilting smoking..I have had..I waste a lot and try not too but do know that I can not really sit there and smoke the whole cig it makes me sick and dizzy..I waste them, I smoke a puff or two and forget about and than when I go back for another puff it is gone...Now dh looks in the ashtray and reminds of how many I have wasted....oh well, I am happy and my nerves are back to be it..this is me!! lol
Any way I have these red like moon shape under my fingers nails just where you nails start to grow. I ask my Dr what is going on here..when he told me it looks like I was starting to a fungus I about had a fit..what it is going to be is my is probably one of the worst place to have them under your I will not grow my nails long anymore and will keep them sort and no nail polish I will have get rid of the 200 or more polishes I have collected in the last 5-6 years...I always go through them and throw out older ones..they are all still good...I might put some clear on them but that is I will soak my nails in olive oil 3 times a day now and see if it will stop it from forming as the olive oil has does wonders on my psoriasis on my calf area, knees and rid of them under my toes nails and between my feels good and looks so much better..Olive oil so far has been the best for my psoriasis..warm is feels so when working with my fibers I will have to wear gloves for sure..
I am back on vicadin, generic ones, for my back pain and bursitis...they hurt me more than my knees do now..So now we wait to see what the other blood works is going to be like...told them to check on my thyroid, spleen, pancreas, liver and taking the pills as long as i have I just do not want to harm any of my organs..if it does, I will not go for any type of treatments for any of them..I have my thermostat at 81 and I am freezing...being depress a lot and that is for sure a sign of thyroids, or at least that what it did to me 10 years never mind the 66 lbs weight gain that I am finally getting rid off..keep your fingers cross..still on the walker due to the accident with the walker and me..ended up with sciatic nerve and my knee hurting again....but dealing with it fine...thank you for visiting my blog and hope you all have a wonderful week and especially a Happy 4Th of July if I do not make it back here by then..
I have on Shelfari , link below, join and we can become friends..and having a ball putting all my books that I own in there been working on it for 3 days now..I have shelf in all my rooms...I love my books and never throw one out..We both use to read a lot when the kids would go bed at night to relax..I am still on my large books case in the hall way, 6x8 and they are all the floor with me right now..but had to take a nap after the Dr's so I will be doing after going out and getting some wonder under..for my two charity quilts I want to make and a class I sign up with Ruth...I also signed up with Dale Rollerson for the end of July..I am back and hope to stay back..sorry for all the chatter..but feeling pretty good right lots of hugs, Lorraine


Mary said...

LOVE THE FISHES and what a great job you did...been working on my quilt for the Art for Now...just need to find the batting and I can quilt it......Love, Mary

LorraineS said...

Hi sis, haven't picked them up as I have hurt my left wrist..but the rest should go a lot smoother and no needles to break..I still have one more left to start and haven't figured out how I want to make it..but I am going to try and finished before the end of our Th of July 4TH holiday...happy one to Lorraine
Oh thank you

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