Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Elegant Lace Scarf and yarn and chat

Here is the yarn I finally decided to use for this pattern. I will make it wider and longer than the direction has...7x34...sorry when I am at the grocery store this will do for me...I want it to cover my shoulders and This yarn was suppose be 11 oz but I was ripped off, when we weight on my post office scale is was 10.4 ohhhhhhhhhhhh I was mad..the other run is on the reddish side and its weight was 11.4 but that was with the paper around wonder sometimes we run out of yarn if we buy just what the patterns calls for...
Isn't this just right for a summer scarf. I got to download from the site of Knitting Daily and it is done by Lene Holme Samsoe... I am going to make a swatch first. I haven't done a chart without written instructions in years but did fine in figuring it out.but hey I guess we were lucky to get it free..I do not get there magazine anymore...way to much ads and not enough patterns and such to do..I do that with a lot of magazines...if too many ads I do not get it again...
I would show you the other two projects on my table but it looks like a hurricane hit a tornado...I have or am going to experiment with my embellisher making another scarf or shawl so have all that out and the other project I finally got in my head how I can do my colorful and I mean colorful fish for my bathroom..I do not want them frame but be able to stand on there own...well I did some felting with peltex and it was such a breeze and figure that will get me the stability I need to hang them and they not flop all over the place..I am going to make 3, an angel fish, of course. and not sure of the sketches are the greatest as I haven't been sketching for months at least at that point in my life again...oh yes...I think I have a life again..
I have not done much for 3 days...when we went to get mom's food out of the freezer with the lights being out for here for 31 hours...we got the food before dh hit a pop hole in the road..I usually wear my seat beat under my breast as it hurts my bursitis...well I did not and our truck hop up about a foot or more and dropping us arm felt like it was going to fall off and never mind my sciatic nerve in my back..just got them where they did not hurt..Not cream or pills helped either one for at least a day...heating pad some but not I have been baby them, my knees, there are just there you go...seems like I can have to hurt somewhere at all times..we will fix that...I use the cream and take pain pills..that is what they are for..why suffer if you do not have too...I am not anymore...
I have been spending too much time online at Facebook!!!! I just love sisters and friends do there something missing when we love sitting in front of computer when we know we have other things to do...never thought I would see that day for me...but here I I just blog when I want to than I am out here...
Update on the 100 year old preserves...DO NOT DO IT!!!! I ended up wine on two of them..the one with the blackberries had mold on top of them and mine with splenda ended up with a little mold..but when I took the plastic off you swear I was making smell like wine..but dh has his raspberries, it came out just fine and he loves for sure no splenda and none for me but to put splenda over the berries next time and not waste them...8 bucks down the tube plus the 4 cups of sugar...well how else are we going to know unless we
Tried to learn how to use the scanner on this machine with no luck...have to wait till dh comes said something was not installed...I hate taken photos of everything, I love to scan them like before...than I will learn again how to burn music like I did before...and put it in my ipod my son gave me else is doing it for me so I will do my best trying...until I screw up the lots of hugs and thank you for visiting my blog, Lorraine


Mary said...

Love the yarn, it

LorraineS said...

Oh I am glad and it is different tones so it will be pretty.
Sending the written out chart out me

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