Friday, June 19, 2009

Received my BOM called Ladies of the Sea today

Here is the 4 months worth that I am behind with but the ladies, all of them, where just so sweet at Stitching Heaven..they had one more block and let me join in..but I have a problem, I thought you could sew by machine and it is by hand but you know me I will do my best to do most of it by machine..some by hand who will probably take me years to finished..I love anything to do with the sea and always have...especially ships..if I could get a trip when in Hawaii on any type of ship or boat, I was
Here is the paper that came with it..lots of work huh,,but still excited about it...Had to buy the bolt of backing for this but at least I won't have to worry about the backing of the ships or back..I will have them...We get two a month..whoa Nellie!! lol It is called Ladies of the Sea by Susan H Garman...


Mary said...

Have fun with you block of the month...Love,Mary

LorraineS said...

Oh sis I may have to do it my way but it still will be a beauty...or I just might do it there way...I like to add some creativity my way with I do..more any point it will get sis

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