Saturday, June 6, 2009

Future Knitting Projects

Please click on it so you can read it...I put together in my Print Master as they were so many...these are project I am not in the hurry to make but would love to have them all done I have the yarn for most of I can not really find is for the gold tank right now so will look for it later.. and the rainbow one..too many skeins to buy at one time especially when you yarn with two skeins at has 10 colors.that means buying 20 skeins and it was to much for me now...not in the hurry for it or might even scratch it of my list, lol I will make my sister's sweater as soon as the size needle I need for it and I have to buy my yarn for me so it will be the bamboo purses first no the shibori as I have all the yarn for that for and the shells already picked out too...These came out of 2 books, Creating Knitting magazine, and Knit It, Felt It. Of course I have two more books coming in for my knitting community I joined...two groups.
But much say that if I can sew now..well we will see what that's for visiting my blog, hugs, Lorraine

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