Saturday, June 13, 2009

Playing with water soluble solvy on embellisher

I have playing around with my Embellisher this morning using water soluble..Went is was rinse and dry, a small piece, I ended up sewing with some different metallic threads and such to see how it would work for a light weight scarf..and it I ended up making this book marker..I want a scarf this color..wild and all what do you think of it..I have a blot of it..and it is from Solvy...not the heavy one either it is the lighter weight one...
I have ordered two more books..just trying to fine the perfect shawl or wrap for our late evening summers here or when I go shopping and it is freezing cold in the stores to throw over my you all go through too..hate the time you done you mouth is than you get into your very very hot this calls for a cold, does it far I am
I took some pictures of Suzie..when the guy told me yesterday who fixed my computer that I was very lucky to have her at 15 years old, I began to I made sure I had photos of her and me...and of herself...People ring my door bell and knock really loud and people she does not bark anymore..she is deaf...she doesn't get upset over storms anymore as she can not hear the thunderstorms...she is also going blind...but when she goes outside, after stretching her legs she ran a cat out of my yard and hop all over the place..she still looks you can see I do not want her to leave me at all...lots of hugs and thank you for visiting my blog..Lorraine

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