Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crazy Felt by Jeannette Knake using water soluble Stabiliser Book

Well, got my last of the 6 books I have ordered trying to find the right light weight shawl or scarf to make to shopping in stores..I have to say, I am not really that happy with this one as for every process you do you have to spray light adhesive, in others words for every different yarn or fabric or whatever you use..I am not a user of spray adhesive..I have a can but never use I have read so much about the fumes.. I would have to outside to probably do this..and it is not for sure using the Embellisher machine which I thought it was, it is with a sewing machine..I was in hurry trying to get my books to me and should have read more about all 6 books...but I did not..I am really with the my Wrapped in Comfort and have started a shawl with that last I now have a lot of different ways to make shawls, purses and scarves and so on.
I also thought I was ordering the templates at Kaye Woods and ended up only buying the 2 patterns..I will be able to make them till I have those templates....some other time..other things I want to order right now..
It is so hot here..We complain about the rain, cold and heat..knowing we need all this different weather and I will admit I am good about this..but we sure could use some rain to cool it down some but with out the storm like last time.. I have my thermostat at 80 all day and I do freeze in my house and will go under the gazebo to warm up...sis, Patti, could not believe me...I usually have to put it down to 78 before dh comes home..I sleep at night with a sheet, bedspread and my winter blanket..might be my thyroid acting up after 10 will have that checked out on Monday next week...but 3 months ago it was just fine. Have a great evening and thank you for viewing my blog..hugs, Lorraine

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