Friday, June 12, 2009

Finished Book Cover from Ruth Blanchet's class

This is a close up of my beaded butterfly on the flowers..
This is the pocket on the back side, I made a pen or pencil holder..I made a doubled pocket as I never have enough pockets for every thing, lol

Here is the finished book cover. I have not made out of fabric but have with my HuskyStar Embellisher..I have never blanket stitch with a machine either, even though other classes I have taken wanted me too, I just did not have it..So I have learn two things with class...Ruth thought it would get me back into my art quilting again and it did..thank you so much for that..if interested you can sign up here: I believe this is where you can sign up..if not it is below in another was fun to do..oh no comments on my foo foos!!! lol I love them there...seems like there was something missing..
Computer went down or this would have been here last night..This time it was the routing to for networking...told dh anything happens again we will get me a line to my studio again...It saves us about 50 a m0nth but who cares...
I am on face book if any one would like to be my friend...I have been asked to joined for over a year now by a lot of others people even family members..but just did not think I had the time for it and now I love it...I did not like the other one I was on...forgot what it was called..if you use nasty words I delete sense in using this kind of language here or any other forum..My opinion of course..but than I do not have to read it either..I was out under my gazebo the other day and 2 neighbors down the street had some company and were fighting and they were using very foul language, now I do know that I do not have to listen to that as I have called the cops to stop it from my neighbor next door...all the time..I won't put up with it..but I did this day and told myself I won't again...I was almost in tears as that is the only way for me to be outdoors as I still do not drive and going to do something about soon..I think my eyes are better and I know my right knee is...I haven't driven in almost 4 years..well it about time..mine you all I do not bore myself, I can always find something to do but I need to be out sometimes...not today for sure it is too hot but will in a couple of just makes me feel better...I usually read my mail. Thanks for visiting my blog and hugs to all..have a wonderful weekend...Lorraine

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