Sunday, June 14, 2009

5 books I have ordered in the last 2 weeks

I have ordered these books trying to find the perfect shawl/wrap and purse to make..I have also ordered two more books on Friday...I just might have to get back to just designing my own purses and shawls..I want an airy the technique I did yesterday morning just might be the thing but right now I am not in the mood to do a very large would be a shawl..need a large table...
Left to right, Knitting Goes Large by Sharon Brant- too many sweaters, tanks and I have decided to make the very last page, a cable
Elegant Scarves and Wraps by Jill Denton- wet felting and some very very different ways of the way they look but I like a few here...just wet felting and no machine but can't see why I could not try it.
Wrapped in Comfort Alison Jeppson Hyde (Knitted Lace Shawls) I saw a lot of potential here so this book stays out..I have gone through it already 3 time and just received the other it
Haute Handbags from the Publisher of Somerset Studio and Belle Armoire A lot of funky purses but I liked them. A lot of altered bags using what you have around...found a few I might just do..
Knit It, Felt It edited by Bobbie Matela a lot of felted purses in here that I will make and have a few of them in an older this one two..
Now I will wait for the other two...I have one in mind that I just might start a swatch today and see I like the way it looks..
Since the storm hit us, my mom and her community at the retirement home in Raleigh was out of electricity for over 31 hours..but in the mean time..I kept on calling her till her cell phone went dead and than I got really about 7pm we went to pick her up and bring her home thing led to another..she was so stubborn, she would not leave, she has emphysema...and was having a hard time breathing at it was HOT!! The electric company here, MLGW kept telling them every hour it would running and it never was...some people were on oxygen..I told mom from now on tell them to go straight to the hospital which is just about a 5 minute walk and let them take of those mom is not on it...others do not have families that go and check on their I feel for those people..
We got her frozen things out of the fridge..and than told lets go and she demanded she was going to stay there and protect her belongs...her TV, recorder DVD, and so on..I guess when this is all you have, you want to hold on to those possession till death...there is a lot of people like that out there...told it was replaceable and all but she said at 930 we left without her...brought the food to my youngest son's home as we did not have enough room in either one of our freezers..I was so tired and went to bed at 11pm When I woke this morning my dh tells me that mom had called and her electricity was up and running since midnight...why did he not wake and let me know..I may have slept but it was one of those night were it was not a restful one...Dh will go and pick up her food from sons and bring back the cells phones that I brought home to charge here..I am not going anywhere at all...She said it is still flickering in and out...
Oh when I get older I hope I am not as stubborn as my mom..but I get told that I am getting more like I think all us 3 girls
Have a great day and thank you for visiting my blog...lots of hugs, Lorraine

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