Sunday, June 7, 2009

My progress so far with the book cover and problems too

I had to change the front cover as I did not have enough for it..but I do like this bright and wonderful fabric. I am going to add foo foos to the sides, I love to add embellishing to my stuff and maybe even some beads before putting it together..
This is the first time I have done blanket stitch on a machine, only because this is the first machine out of 5 that has it one oh my new Janome has it but it is still new, haven't touch it since I bought, remember I hurt myself in Nov and have been laid up since but having doing this class and know that I can now sit and sew it will get broken in,
Anyway, I practiced on different appliques I cut up to practice with all evening and when it comes to the tips or corners..I just get it to look my teacher, Ruth Blanchet, will help me get through this as you can see from the above photo there is a lot of have to go slow that is for sure but that did not bother me...
I hope some of have sign up for this class it is fun and it is free so go for, can be something different for you try it...actually it is very easy to do..but than again that me speaking..but also a good place to learn something knew...thanks for viewing..won't be able to do anything till this evening we are going to take mom shopping today so we will see if I am going to able to sit and sew tonight...fingers cross for me girlfriends...hugs, Lorraine
oh forgot for the people in pain a new stuff is out and it is called is suppose to be at all the drugs stores but none here in Memphis had them so we ordered on line..they have already shipped it out, he did this about all know I am for anything that will get rid of my pain as I am helpless sitting around going Have a good day all!


Doreen K. said...

Beautiful colors. I had trouble with the points also. I am going to put a lot of leaves on a sample and just keep practicing over and over. It was a great class. I am signed up for her Bargello class.

LorraineS said...

Hi Doreen,
Thank you and I was using the wrong stitch on my machine and getting a lot better at it...have to go really slow around the points but sometimes my machine just won't stop for me.,,I should be done with this today or tomorrow as I plan on stitching some foo foos and beads on mine before putting it all together..thank you for visiting my blog..lots of hugs, Lorraine

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