Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A 5 leaf clover and other plants

these are so light that I would have to wait tonight to take them..the sun is bright and tried to fixed them but they are really bright red and purple, you will have to click on them to see the name as I put the tags back sorry
this is a really pretty peach but it sure did not come out like it..but the blooms won't be there is in a pot with some marigolds from last those kinds that always comes back.

This is the plant mom gave me call Gardenia Jasminoida Frost Proof...growing areas in 7-10...not sure if it is mine so I put it in a pot..we have freezes here, lol the blooms are so can bearly in the back ground see the basil plant mom gave me..I have some chives growing on the deck..the only plant..

This is a Golden Pothos..been looking for them for my home..I use have so many different varieties till I got my business and every died.

Here is the 4 and 5 leaf clover..I am going to do what i did with moms dogwood last year..use some tulle with some wonder under and hope it makes it..I could put it between plastic wrap till I know how to preserve it...can any one help with this...

how about this have any of you seen a 5 leaf clover..I found the 4 lead when I bent down to pick up my lighter and than found this when I though a frog was hopping under my chair..I have never heard of anyone having found one..I wonder if luck goes around with this too..lots of hug and thank you visiting my blog..lots of love, luck and hugs, Lorraine

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