Saturday, May 16, 2009

Felted Knitted Bag and Pin Cushions

This is my felted bag I just finished last night and felted this morning. It is being dried with baggies inside of them. The fun part was felting it as far as the knitting, very simple..not challenging enough for I have now found another bag to knit but it is not a felted bag and need to order the yarn or see if I have some in my stash. Below is what it looked like before felting.
This is from a kit club I have joined called Annie Attics and I am sorry but I can't seem to find the url for it or what it is really called..but do a search for Annie's attic and/or wait and later I will add the url..It is something like Loop n every month you get a kit that you can either crochet or knit..same pattern...

All my pin cushions so far what I have embellished..I have 4 left..I found some 2 and half squares in my scrap fabric bags that I was throwing out and the reason for so many..haven't decided what to do with a few of did pick out the royal purple with trim of crochet thread with crystals on the top edge that I couched on by hand...of course all these are my hand from start to finished..enough I hands had just enough of it too.

Dh has 10 days off work..but I have plans for him and he knew it before taking them off..I am wanting all the ceilings painted, bathroom and kitchen re wall papered..gazebo put back where it should be outside and than he can do what ever he all do not know him..last time he took vacation to do things around the home, not one damn thing got done...and that he is always tired on the weekends...
We found a crack in our bathroom wall and he also found our cabinet in the where the wood is coming order to fix it we have to buy a new cabinet and guessed it a new sink as it is glues to this cabinet and than of course new I told him we can hold off on this to just before we one will see any of this and we do not have company but family...soooo
He is going to try to put up the installations he bought about 4 months ago in the attic..should have done this than as it is getting mighty hot now....not my problem but
My Health:
I have had some bad days that I was not thinking nice things and finally had to call my Dr's office..they advise me what to do..I was trying going off my pain pills even knowing I was still in pain and had some very ugly thoughts of doing something terrible to my they told me that the pills that I was on was not habit forming and to take them for my pain..I was having anxiety attacks, having hot sweats and not able to breath....took xanax and a sleeping pill for tow night just so I could sleep...then we both thought of my thyroid was acting up, it has been just over 10 years since this has happened..but my records showed that my thyroid readings about 6 weeks ago was very good..any way I felt a lot better the next day..I had shoulder pain really bad and that I had hurt my sciatic nerve on my right hip and I was just miserable...and also not being able for 6 months or more not to do what I want, has been really getting to me..the simplest things are hard sometimes and no one around to help me..I am over it..and I am taking xanax and they told me to go off the sleeping pills it has been working for 3 days now..but will not stay on xanax for a long is one of the mildest of tranquilizers..
Again to all thank you for visiting my blog, lots of hugs and hope you all have a wonderful weekend and week...Lorraing


Genie said...

Love the bag and pin cushions.
Hope you are feeling better?
take care and hope you get the house improvements sorted. have a good week.

LorraineS said...

Hi Genie, thank you and so far going really good. Dh has redone the caulking in the bathtub, bought the supplies yesterday. Today he did get to dig the 4 holes and fill with cement for my gazebo..Tonight we got some things out of the bathroom and now we rest till tomorrow..I tried to pull some weeds but still can not do much to help and than I got depressed again and have to learn to accept that I will one day be able to I come in and do some knitting or whatever..but I like having him home thank you oh so much for visiting my day it will get full of quilts again...I do have many more to finished and more to start some satin stitching..many years ago..hugs, Lorraine
Genie send me your email at alohagal at bellsouth dot net..I want to send you something..

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