Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rattan furniture and gazebo-Electronic cig

Here how the electronic cig comes. It also come with 5 units of add ons.. 1 heavy, 2 mediums, 1 light and one with none. I tried the heavy yesterday and made me sick to my I tried the medium.. and it is better and also the light one...
This is what my wall looks like right now in my bathroom..the same as it did when we bought this place paint. The woman never did paint her walls in the 14 years she lived here...the walls look like the walls stuff they put up before painting we just put wall paper up..I had a pretty blue and white paper the first time..and than a very pretty and expensive multi colors of green, blue, purples, and others colors so I could change the colors of my towels..I remember it took me forever to find a shower curtain..and it probably will now too. This wall paper we remove was still intact but I just want a change..a lot of hard work just taking it down, when he took a break I would go in and work on it..but yesterday was our day..
We went to see Demons and Angels and had a lot of other stuff to take care of. Went to State Farm to get them to help us out with the affidavit to give Mike, my oldest son, my Lumia LX sports car..than we ended up paying for his insurance so that I can keep my multi car part of it..and when he can afford to pay it himself, and I get a will be there..We signed over the title and now he will go on Tuesday and get tags and whatever and it is his...
We went to Walgreen's to get the paper work done so we do not have to put out any money when getting the phone number from TriCare and they said Walgreen's was on the list..well, Walgreen's won't do we still have to put out the money and do all the paper works ourselves..just an inconvenience..but we do get most of it back...I cost so much in medications..and when two of them come will run 130 dollars..all my meds has gone up, my Janovia has gone up from 42 to 63 a one singular went up too...soo can't do nothing about it but pay it..Dh got his stock money for his teeth but he has to wait 9 days for it to clear the bank and then he will finally after a year and half have a mouth full of teeth

On Wednesday we bought these two new chairs..I walked in Lowes...and saw this beautiful red cushion set with wrough fit me to the tee..but it came with a huge table which we did not need and would not know what to do with so we went looking around and these are so comfy...I almost fell asleep with my wireless table is not put together yet..and it will go in between the chairs..
As you can see, my gazebo is finally in tack and cemented so it does not wiggle and blow away..Dh did a great youngest son, Terrance came by on Tuesday and help him move to the right spot..I helped him last year but knew I could not this time around.
The green lounge, about 8 years old, is so comfy too, I do my sun bathing in this lounger...I can not take the heat anymore..notice that as I got older but as long as I have psoarisis I will bath out there for about 15 minutes on each does help.

A closer view of my chairs..Suzie in the background and that heap of tree as you see is still there..this is where I am going to put all my Crotons, in the middle, larger dutch irises around them and than the smaller dutch is going to worth the time and hard labor doing it too..I know it will reward me with beauties..
Click on the photos for larger view.I think..and thank you for visiting my blog..i love it when you do..Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend every one and hugs to all, Lorraine
Oh we are borrowing my son's modem, out went and if we did not borrow his we would not have computer till Tuesday...yuck

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Anonymous said...

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