Friday, May 29, 2009

Added a few gadgets

I have added a few more if I needed more..but love them..if you get bored at least you can look at
Above my profile is Follow me..I know a lot you all that were in my groups do not have an account with blogging so that is fine..just keep on letting me know you view my blog...l love it when you do..but those that do please put your name here so I can keep up with you too...
Also added my knit along community..just joined last night and a bunch of great gals.I will have fun here for sure...
I haven't started anything in knitting yet but did start something on my embellisher..glad I got it out...I am going to make my great niece for her 7th birthday a diary, shhhhh do not let her I am going to have fun with this..I have made book covers but only with my felter machine..never did care to sew one up but will with Ruth's class..
If I knew how to use the scanner I would scan a lot of the stuff that I want to make and do and show you all..but even as I post here, my printer won't work on my son's ours yesterday, see I said I would not get it on Tuesday..,that AT&T.. so dh will more than likely work on it tonight instead of finishing my bathroom...but wait tomorrow is another
YOU ALL won't believe this my dh can not find the screens that goes around my gazebo.. I have been very upset over it...what is the use in having this if I cannot keep the bugs out it when I am trying to relax outside..he freezes me out of the house when he is home...I think he threw out by mistake..No photos this time..I am just trying to figure what to knit next..till next time hugs, Lorraine ps thank you for visiting my blog.

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