Thursday, May 8, 2008

Peonies, Peonies Peonies

My big and wonderful Pink Peonies with such a beautiful fragrances.
My white ones which also has a wonderful fragrance.
Yes, I cut them all off and brought them in the house, want to have them here for Mother's Day.
Peonies with Lilies..are they not pretty?!! These are all you wonderful Mothers out there, I do hope you all have a Happy Mother's Day.
A close up of the pink peony. I was going to do something arty with it but it needs to open up more..The are now about 4 inches and fully open it will be close to 5 to 5 and half inches wide..
We had to rush mom to emergency room last night about 9pm. Thank goodness it is not serious. But for sure she had us worried. She was so weak she could not walk.. She had the sweats and chill. She had Urinary Infections..I know when I use to have them I was is so much pain and even when I had to urinate..she did not at all. The blood work showed she had infections and Dr said since she wasn't hurting anywhere they had to find it..the Urine test did the trick..They will keep her in till Sat..She is on oxygen, IVs and antibiotics. I am wore out and I think I will go and take a nap before dh comes home and we have to out and see her...
My meds are working on my hands and it does not look like my son will get his quilt at all. I was hoping to have done except for the machine quilting..another


birdy said...

Hi Lorraine,
Thinking of you. Hope you have a very nice Mothers Day.
Sorry to hear your mother is under the weather. Hopefully she will be coming home in time for Mothers Day.
Those flowers OOOOOOOOOOOOhHHH so pretty. I can just smell those peonies and lilies. I sure wish I could get the lilies to grow here. The quail seem to beat me to it every time. I have used containers with chicken wire over top and they still can get in and eat the bulbs.
I have been really busy with stuff here and we are having more compa ny coming next week.
Maybe after they leave I can finish the wall hanging.
Glad to hear your hand pain is getting better.
I meant to comment on that email with the shoes. I wonder how long it will be before we see those styles here. I bet some kook will try wearing them.
Have you started your class yet? I forgot to look as to when it starts.
You will be busy with the wedding in June. It is coming up really fast. This weekend is Jenna Bush wedding and I thought wow on the number of bridesmaids. They said there were seven different styles of dresses and all colors were representations from the flowers that are growing on the grounds. Wouldn't you like to be there at that spectacular sight with 200 invited guests?.
Happy Mothers Day to you.
Hugs, CM

LorraineS said...

Quails, oh my gosh, my sister said that armadillos are eating her bulbs that I sent her so she had to put a fence around it. I sent her some surprise lilies, dutch irises and some others.
Mom did get home for mother's day, she came home on Friday and have been there at least 12 hours a day for 5 days and am very exhausted.hit the bed at 8pm last night and it felt good when I got up 3 hours later..but I managed to get back to bed for more was the best 3 hours sleep in days..
She could not come here so we ate dinner here and than went and had dessert with her..
She is doing a lot better today so will stay home and rest.
Birdy, heard from my Dr's on my blood work and my autoimmune system was really bad and now they are going to test me for Lupus..I have read up on it and I sure hope and pray I do not have it. I see the heart Dr week after next and hope and pray that there isn't some thing wrong with my heart either..
I tried to quit smoking yesterday and it lasted about 13 and half hours and will try again. I think I need some help with this.
I hope your and your dh are doing fine.
No more flowers for I imagine everyone is tired of looking at my flowers..but they are so pretty and the fragrance is wonderful, hugs, Lorraine

birdy said...

Hi Lorraine,
I never tire of your flower pictures. I just love them and I just want to smell them.
Hope your mom continues to get better as you also need a break to get much needed rest.
I certainly hope the diagnoses for Lupus is wrong. That gets progressively worse as time goes on.
Prayers for a good report on your exam with the heart dr as well.
We are doing pretty good. DH is getting some better but is now having more pain in his tailbone so it must be growing. It had already erroded into the sacral bone.
Michelle from Lake Havasu is coming tomorrow and our cousin will be here this weekend. That should be the end of our company for awhile.
I have the wall hanging all pieced and now need to quilt it.
Nice since we don't have so many dr. apptmts that I have more energy and maybe can get some quilting done.
Take care and hugs and prayers. I will be thinking of you.

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