Monday, May 5, 2008

Look what they are doing to my back woods-Update

Oh isn't this shed just wonderful..dh wants to take it down but I won't let him..The flooring is gone but I just love that rusted old look of It has withstand every thing..the wires that keeps in place are still there holding it there..He use to paint it all the time to keep it going but when the flooring went, he tried to put another in but it did not would have to take it the woods is bear I will leave there for sure..
They are don cutting from my neighbors section but not mine..I only have about 6 trees on this side and they are cutting them as close to our property line as they can get...Thank goodness it rain the other night..I do not have to listen to all that racket.
The two are from my view of my deck. Right behind my home. The last two are from my neighbors back yard past the sheds..

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