Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Younger sister Zodiac pillow top

This for my Lil sister, Patti, she saw these colors somewhere and just loved it so when I asked what color she wanted, thought she would say pink and red or something else, she said orange and black. I am out of orange fabric so I will have use what I have for the smaller designs and the back is black..but will the orange below for those should be pretty just the same.
I had an unusual day, trying to print up these Lil designs I am at my computer and the window is just next to me, I hear this singing of a bird and she is right at my window I chatted with her and ask her what she is doing..because she had a piece of grass or something in her I watch her she went into my Yellow Angle Wing Begonia plant and put that piece in there..she flew away and about 10 minutes later here come singing again with another piece in her mouth..she put it in the plant also. I chatted with her and told her that the soil is dry and I have to water so she will not be able to make a nest in there..well lord and behold just a few minutes ago here she is trying to do it again...Her nest will just wet every time I water my plant..You would think she would listen to No I am not is like talking to your dog..I am glad I am able to do this is very enjoyable.
Yesterday I also have a few potted seeded plants and as the day went buy I could see them popping out of the soil. One of them is a Sunflower Windowsill Sunflower which grows only 12 inches tall. I will put these in another pot and not in the grown..The other seedling I planted was daisy, the plain of white daisy..this weekend I have about 6 different seedling to plant, they include Black Eye Susan's, Mose Roses, Shasta Daisies, Carnation and will try some different Cactus in seed form..I hear this is hard to do and not many come up..we will see. Have a great afternoon.
On a note, my Suzie trip me this morning while I was watering my plants at 7am, I fell on my left knee (the one the never has healed since surgery) and right hand (both writst hurts up to the thumb, arthiritis) I was without pain for 4 days and guess what, chug a lug a pain pill and can not go see Mom.. I could have killed her..she does this to me a lot..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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