Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Art Quilt-Zodiac and Miss Finch

Do you see Miss Finch? Isn't she adorable. She is still out there making all kinds of still chriping away...she was checking out my flowers again but no stuff for a nest..maybe she still thinking about
I have all the larger zodiac signs fabric cut out and this is where their placements will be. I used about 3 different stuff and dump technique dyed fabrics to put on this art quilt..very different and pretty . I am showing you this so when you the see the plain fabric, you will know that the sewing and stitching around and inside will bring out the details you see here..there is a I am not sure I will put anything in the circle and just machine stitching to make it pop out more...I am having so much fun. The pillow are smaller so am doing them after this, as far as fusing and ironing and all that cutting, my poor

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