Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What's Up and some Flowers/Chatting

I have been very busy taking care of my mom, so I had no time to do anything at home and there were a few days I did not even come on the computer...I am going to cut up the posting for different things I am putting in here.

My mom ended up in the hospital for almost two days and she was very weak and could not walk. I stayed with her at least 12 hours a day for the first three days and slowly cut them down to 8hr and than 5. I was so exhausted from all this that it has taken me a few days to get my body back in control..which it was yesterday and today...
The first photo is my bonsai azalea. Isn't it pretty, I have kept it in the house and it is still growing and blooming. The second photo is my dried peonies..the are really lacy looking in person and still has a nice fragrance to them. The last photo is the opening of the peony that I was so surprise to see. it is totally different than my others..so will have to go and looked them up. I bought this one and the pink one at a Chinese site that sold peonies.
I have added two hibiscus to my deck. When they bloom again I will take photos, one is a peach and the other one, red. I bought package of different seedlings and try and plant them tomorrow.
My dh is on shut down at work and I have a total of 12 hours to do what I want in peace and quiet..lol
Have you all seen the latest on our CSIs??? Makes you wonder if they are going to be canceling all these shows. Tonight is NCSI and someone is going to be hurt..2 hours special on at 7 central time..lol You know where I will be for sure..lol

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