Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Been Busy Taking Care of MOM/my health

Hi everyone. so sorry I haven't put anything in my blog lately. Had to rush mom to the hospital on Wednesday last week. She could not even walk. I talked to her on Tuesday and she was fine, but found out later, she was not. Her neighbor, Gloria, called me at 8:30 pm and told me Mom was sick. So dh and rush her in.
She was seen right away and put in an emergency room. She had a UT infection. She had no pain what so ever..so the nurses, to me, acted like she should not been there because she had no pain. One nurse check out her lungs and said to other nurse in a snotted way "Her lungs are CLEAR!" I could have slapped her and said something, but in the back of my mind was that I might have to leave her there over night..sure enough, they found an infection and mucus in her lungs. My mom has had pneumonia and that is what she thought she had as she felt the symptoms as pneumonia. We brought her home on Friday morning...and I have been there every day for 12 hours. I am exhausted and had a rest yesterday as I had to way to get there to take care of her..she is still week. I make sure I am there every evening for her shower..she has almost slipped a few times..Today I will this late morning and stay till dh picks me up. She has not been eating either, we noticed that they had to give her pill for food replacement at the hospital, she refuse to eat their food without salt and they would not give her any..but Last night she more than before and was so thrilled. I made her sushi and a salad with grapes..I was so pleased and hope she eats better..told her that I may not be able to take care of her next time..
I had been to the Dr. on Tuesday of last week. I believe I mentions I have to go see heart Dr well, yesterday my Dr called about the blood work. my diabetes is high and he has threaten to put me on insulin..so I will be good about my diet. I had him check for arthritis and came back that my autoimmune is very bad and now he is sending me to another Dr to see if I have LUPUS..I can not believe it and when I went and looked it up. is sure sounds like what I have but than again it could be the arthritis that my dad had..the bad one, can spell it..he said it was heredity..
So I got scared and haven't had a cig since midnight last night..have been tempted so many times this morning, but I am going to TRY..hope I succeed..wish me luck..

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