Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One of my new classes

Quilt the Zodiac with Ruth Blanchet at QU. I am going to love doing these projects. This one is for my twin, Mary. Our birthdays are in August, 29th, and making her a pillow. She loves and wants yellow and orange..these colors usually drive me crazy but will do it for her..On the back I will have her children and grandchildren signs, will have to make them smaller and will. I love the orange fabric as it flows with the zodiac theme. I will do the circle yellow, the signs with the orange fabric. I will gold lame for the tree holder, green for the leaves. The wings will have either Angelina fibers or something to make it pop. I will use fiber with my HuskyStar embellisher to embellish the skirt of the angel. I haven't decided if I am going with flesh on the skin or not or make it all yellow..as I go along I will know..
I am signing up for Ruth's Bargello Twist as I just love the concept on the bargellos on this class..the end of the month..what class number does this class make..I forgot.either 124-5..lol..
I will start cutting out the templates which I printed on card stock as I know I will be using them more than once and will last longer for tracing than paper..thank you Ruth for having this class..something I really needed to get me back in creating..it is a wonderful class.
I will post more photos as I do this project. She wants a 14 by 14 pillow. I have asked my youngest for her preference of colors and than I will do mine..well, what do you think I want to my color preference? lol

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