Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tag Exchange and Dr. apt. chat

I received this tag today from a Embellish group that I am in and is from Susan Monk..Oh Susan is it stunning. You did an outstanding job on it. My favorite colors too. I told I was going to used them on my suitcase when and if I ever get to travel air again..not this one for sure my suitcases will disappear!!! Thank you so much. I love the peyote stitching on the outside..a lot of work and a lot time...I also love your beautiful card.. Below is the backing of this tag...thank you again.
This is the back and it is now hanging in my studio.
Dr's apt..yesterday and today.
Yesterday I had to see a heart specialist for my abnormal EKG reading from my regular Dr. I ended up waiting 2 and half hours before they even put me into a room..after an hour and half, I was ready to walk out and make another apt was for 2:30..He had another 7 patients to after me...the nurse did another EKG, and you will not believe this, it did not want to WORK two times came out abnormal. So Dr Gordon is sending me to do a stress test called, Productivity Chemical...because I am won't hurt my lungs at all. I will do this on next Thursday in his downtown office and it will last 4 hrs..I can not have any caffeine, decaf or not, or chocolate for 24 hours. And from midnight nothing else. I usually eat my breakfast at 7 am..and my apt is at 930..they can deal with me, as I have told them I was diabetic...My youngest son, Terrance, is going to drop me off and than I will call him to pick me up when I am done. (I am going to make something that I can sew by hand while waiting, I am not a very good person doing (My dh still needs the rest of his vacation time for when he has he teeth all pulled so we do not lose any pay)..I am a smoker and wants me to quit, who doesn't!! He prescribe a pill that is suppose to help you..well I asked him the side effects, it makes one very depressed because of quiting..well, I can get depressed with normal every day living and do not need to add to it..I am not ready to quit....I will one day. Too much going on and like I told my regular at today's apt..I am a little stress out..with everything..the reason I like art quilting, it takes me away from all this and I haven't had the time to do any of till last week. My apt with my regular family Dr. went well today. He did give me another sugar pill at my request. I have done really well on the diabetic diet that I am following online,
and I love it.
Tomorrow I am free of Dr apt but need to run down to Millington and have my eye Dr fixed my sunglasses..It is way off. I can not even see out of the bifocal at all, it is tooo low..When I move it around I can find where it is just perfect...always something with my and than dh is taking me to the the matinee to Indiana Jones movie at one..We both need it..he is the one that is sitting waiting while I am being seen which can really take a tole on oneself..My family Dr told me no more naps during the but a 30 minute rest time..oh now I still do not sleep well with Ambien..only 4-5 hours..I get up between the morning. He thinks will help me sleep at nights..we will see..I took a 3 hour nap today..I am exhausted..and when I am so tired, my bones and muscles ache and when I get up, I fell like a
Plant update:
I move my yellow begonia so the it can have the sun on the back side...well when I looked into the gosh, Miss Finch has been busy, I pulled out all the nest she had been building and than while doing I heard heaving flutters around my ear, low and behold, a hummingbird at my was joyous..
We are getting so much rain, I am sick of it..wish it will go to the places that needs it..we are water logged here..Dh can not even get to mow the yard..and whatever he wants to do with his time off for this week, he can't..of course when he goes back to work next week, it will so hot..that is the way it goes...Have a nice evening every and hugs, Lorraine

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