Friday, May 23, 2008

Here is the start of my sister, Mary's pillow

I am not fond of working with yellow or orange. I know why. When we were going to school, we were poor so when mom would find a sale of something to wear she would buy the same style but in different colors..I remember her buying 3 pleated skirts, orange, yellow and green. I did not mine the green but from than on I have never wore, put in my home yellow or I over it, these are bright and cheery colors and I know a lot of people that just loved them..both of my sisters do..I am a lime, purple and red I used to love red and teal till I started quilting and saw lime green and the different variations of purple..oh how I love these colors today and can not get enough of them..of course when I do mine it will lime and am I going to pull these two colors together, well, I have all types of fabric, and dyed will be great looking...mine will be a quilt I have tons of pillows around my home and more totes than I know what to do I now have to fuse the six signs of her children and grandchildren for the back and the signs that go into the circle..fiddly stuff..I notice I can not do what I use to 3 years ago..I am slower than usual..I do not like this but....have a nice evening..

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