Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fabric on Art Quilt/Ruth Blanchet class

This is at the end of cutting out signs. I had cut out circles, large and smaller zodiac designs, I made some into 3 and half sized for the pillows. Now all that is left is the smaller signs..I usually trace my template on my wonder under, cut it and than onto fabric. This save a lot of waste to me and glad I did it..last night I had to piece wonder under with register marks for the last two signs..but I made..I ran out of wonder under, who would have thought..I always have plenty supplies, but not making post cards I just did not notice it. Now when in the future if I decide to make another pillow or quilt the hard part is done. Yes, the purple is going on my lime green circle..already tried a sample and looks great..if I may say so myself.
Here is all the hand dyed fabric zodiac designs onto the background. They are not fuse as I like to all of them together at one time, pillows, every thing. I still have the flower to put on the hand of the virgin..I can see I could use some improvement on the upper right side as they are kinda blending in but with my threads I should be able to make it work..I do not want to cut anymore than I have, anyway it is my
Also the reason for doing all this, we decided not to fix the heating unit this, and use 3 window ac but only 2 are up and that is in my kitchen/dinning room and master bedroom, so I am having to do this at my dinning room table and ironing in my wet and dry works but miss doing all this in my back is killing me on that dinning room chair..
Ruth Blanchet is one of my favorite teachers and love taken her classes..She has a wonderful website and now has some of her patterns half off and plan to buy some by the end of the month, when the sale is over with..I am buying the fairy and the lily those. Here is her lets see if I can get it right... well, I be darn..I did it..first time for every thing..thank you so much for your help, Ruth!! I am signing up for her Twisted Bargello and now looks very interesting and you can take that class at oh loving now lets see if it

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