Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Mother's Day Presents from dh

My dh told me to buy what I wanted so I picked plants..The yellow angel wing begonia with some hanging plants, 3 different types and have no idea what they is a reddish color, purple and white..all different. The other one is not a gift but thought they would look good next to the other one.
These are hanging right in front of my studio..this use to be where the hummingbirds feeder use to be..but since we can not find them, I put them here..
We did buy one last night, and decided I wanted near my table where I sit and sun bath in the mornings. My dh will put a device that can withstand the weight and be high enough so cats won't attack the poor birds.

This is another plant I bought. It is a regular size lime green with yellow insides..My miniature did not make even outside on the table..I should have transplanted them right away and did not. but now I have found these..I am going to put it into a larger pot tomorrow so they have a growing area for the root system.
I bought these at Kroger's for my table. I love flowers on my table while I have blooming flowers..but I stop picking the dutch My dutch irises gave me 3 blooms per plant and I must have over 40 plants this year..It hasn't' stop blooming yet..still more coming. I pick a few of them and if they have blooms, it still bloomed in the water but much it!

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