Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Happy Couple-Jason and Jamie

Oh, don't they look like there in love!! Congratulations Jason and Jamie!! I can not wait.
This is Jason Lausterer and his bride to be, June 20th, Jamie Sneed.
We were busy last night doing invitations and even Mom was here to help. I had Tuna Casserole that Jason use to love when he was a boy...but also made Chili and Rice that he loves So he had both to choose from. lol Jamie wants the recipe and she will be able to cook these dishes for him..
Jamie asked me if I would make her veil and I said yes..very excited about it too..

The awning guy came by last Wednesday. Boy I tell you what. He said the long thing at the end that it drains from that is damage is cause by the leaves..I told him, you mean to say at any given time I can not have leaves in the drainage area..Than he tried to say this and that. Yes, he is dealing with a woman and not a this guy told me in December, he was gong to put up an awning that would last 30 years..well it did not last a month!! Than he took measurements between the first post and the middle post, he was happy and than he measured from the middle post and he did not say a word..It is almost a foot short of being even. I have taken photos of the leaves and post measurements in case I need them in court. I told him 3 times what he is saying is "not acceptable" So he told me he would call his warehouse and see what they can do. I think I am getting round around here..So I just might have to get lawyer and sue them for this.
Another thing is you all should see my back yard and forest, or woods, that we had. It is so opened now. When they are done I will take more photos..they are now in the back of my home...They are going from side to side and than I guess they will do the middle..last.
Doing invitations for a wedding, well, I have a few hints for every one. Look up what the etiquette is before starting. Have all names and addresses way before even starting it. Figure out if you want to them yourself or have someone else do them. Mail them out 8 weeks before the wedding so that the quests you want to come does not make any plans, especially in the summer months when every one takes a vacation, with the gas prices their won't be many traveling by car..I like doing things like this, I really enjoyed typing all the names as I get them and putting them in the computer..while waiting for the maps to print. a minute and 15 for each one, I did my family birthdays, and anniversary's done. Got my email address in the email and all addresses updated. What I did not have, I called to find out or email them. I really did this for Mom...and glad I did. She knows all her great grandchildren and when I told her that she had ten, she could not believe and only had one date now she has all of her families dates...I also emailed them out to every one so they would have I have a busy little I never thought I would lapse in putting info in my blog but sure have the last You all have a wonderful May 1st, in Hawaii they call it "May Day" and some parties and such going on.


birdy said...

Hi Lorraine,
Thought I better touch base with you as you may think I forgot all about you. WOW!! yes, you have been a tat bit busy.
What a gorgeous couple and he is really a "hunk".
I use to do wedding veils and stuff and enjoyed doing them.
Your awning sure has turned into a nightmare. Stick to your guns. You deserve and and paid for better workmanship than what they have provided.
We had our ac checked out and decided to upgrade with a more efficient one. They are to install it this Tue. Our old one still worked but was quite old and not very efficient.
We had a nice vist with daughter but it was so short. I had started a wall hanging for her but didn't get it all done. I have to put the borders on it and quilt it.
DH is still doing okay and tomorrow (Mon.) have to go to the Dr. for a check up.
That was sure a pretty butterfly or luna moth. We don't have those here.
You will really miss the woods behind your house terribly. It will be so much more open and more noisy. I bet you will notice the heat more too.
Hope they don't build apartments or soemthing behind you that will have lots of commotion.
Take care and happy sewing.
Hugs, CM

LorraineS said...

Oh Birdy, I kept telling myself to call or email to see that you all are doing fine, I forgot your dd was coming for visit..
I had anxiety attach the other night and had not had one for a good 4 years. I had gone to bed upset over the awning and woods..and thinking of my son..everything just got to me..thought I was going to die, lol, I could not breath or catch my I did the inhaler and has a very long talk with myself...this usually work but did not do it this time..I like to keep my head on this matters but anger got the best of me on both cases and worry on my son..not is all not worth it, it will work itself out in the long run. well the wood thing anyway..haven't heard any more on the awning and told dh I was not dealing with it anymore..they see a woman and think they can get away with it..he will just have to call from work and take a vacation day to deal with them, color me gone for that day..I will not be here...he can deal with them. The woods nothing I can do about it..the guy owns the he is selling the trees for money..what more can I my son is going to be 37 in Dec. he will have to figure out what to do with his problems...I can only give advice to him..and pray..for him.
I go in on Tuesday for my drs..appt..I am going to have them do 5 tumor on my neck, my lungs, both wrist-thumb, and my shoulder...It is better today but yesterday and Friday I could hardly move it, had a hard time picking up my coffee cup again..dh said he thought all that writing out on the invites....well I enjoyed doing them. it gave me a break from all the other stuff I was doing..sometimes it is good to take a good break. Wed I will start or try to work on son's
Good luck with dh tomorrow. prayers go with you both.
I weeded all day with left hand as it was the one with less pain. lol Yard looks so neat looking. love and hugs, Lorraine

birdy said...

Hi Lorraine,
Hope all goes well with your dr. apptmt. You do need to have those xrays to see what is going on with your body. You should not have to be in that much pain all the time.
I feel for you the pain you have with your son. I remember it so well with our dh. It was horrible. We spent 15 months in Lake Havasu helping her get through it. It is still hard. He has never given her one cent for child support. She has a son in college and now daughter will graduate in May and is going to ASU. She works so many hrs. for the extra $$$ that I always worry about her health. She just had a hysterectomy and is doing great. She has 8 wks off from nursing. It will be so tough to go back after all that time off.
Today was a wasted day with the ac men here. I was so glad my husband was here as they would have just taken advantage of me I think. They came with no heat strip in the ac, no air filter and the wrong control box and he had to watch them each step of the way. So now they have to come back Fri. and it will be another screwed up day. They were suppose to fill out the rebate slip to get $250.00 back from our elec. co. for the energy efficient unit but one guy left and said the other would fill it out and when he was finished he said the other guy had to sign it. Isn't that just the run around?
Your awning sure turned into a big big headach. You may have to take them to small claims court.
Your shed floor you could always buy that ready concrete tht you add water to and put in a floor that way.
Just a shame that the woods will be gone. Yes, when you don't own the property there is nothing you can do, but what a shame to lose all those nice trees.
Your flowers look so beautiful. I can't grown none of those except roses here. It just gets too hot and I really miss not having my flowers., I keep buying plants but they just die and I need to quit wasting money on plants. I guess I always have hope.
Did you ever get your glasses? and do they help you see better?
Tomorrow we are going up town for a few things so I won't get any sewing done either.
We are getting more company the following week. DH's cousin from Iowa. Our daughter from Lake Havasu is coming some time this month also so I will be busy most of this month and very little time for sewing . I need to do some yard work outside also.
Prayers and hugs. Try not to worry and get yourself down with the things you can't change and I know tht is easier said than done but you must so you don't get down sick.

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