Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beads I bought at the Bead Show

This is all of it together.
Pink Quartz, Glass seahorse, some awesome color rocks, 4 small beads for sis Patti. orange glass ring for Mary and another green one for me..pendant glass beads, huge ones..the light blue is an awesome stone, it changes colors with what you wear, I bought it looking like a purple and hear over the black felt it shows it as a pale blue..and more to follow..

More glass and butterfly and forgot the name but also do not know how to spell and another ring, blue, standing up, lol..some sterling silver angels for me and twin..

Amber strands with other colors beads, pearl with sterling silver earrings, for me of course, and more different color glass pendant..another green pendant that I cannot

Blue green bracelet for me and light pink for Mom..more glass pendant beads..I love glass beads for my pendants, as I always get compliments when wearing them and I like the feel and weight of them.

Closer look at my seahorse, awesome.

Size 8 beads for my beading on quilts, pc and other stuff..the case I got free when I bought the sterling silver and pearl earrings


Mary said...

Lorraine, these beads are awesome, when did you go to the bead show?..So glad you enjoyed the orange so much...Love, mary

LorraineS said...

Oh sis that is not all that is yours..I have about 6 items going to you and Patti..I just could not shop just for myself..when I know you and Patti love beads as much as I do..they will be back in about 3-4 months and I am going with lots of money this time..thank goodness they took a debit wish I had known what I really needed and did not but did good anyway..I will post them in the mail this Sat to you..I want to see photos so I can post them on my blog, ok...wish you were with sis

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