Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Two quilts, Bargello Twist and Chinese Children Treasure Boxes on my wall

Here is both quilts on my living room, south side wall, my studio 2 in the next room, used to be a garage, but dh divided in half and added my half to the home..I get air and heat and his half does not..Click on it to get a larger view.
Patti, this is for you, a closer look at the Chinese children..

Photo of just the Treasure Box quilt.you can see also my bluebird chime hanging down...I made two of these but rolling out slip we use to ceramics and using my pattern of the bluebird and made mom one and than me..click to see a larger view

I called my Dr for more pills, but he denied me and now only have enough for 3 days..I see him on the 14th and we discuss this last week on the phone to get me something else...and he said we would but in mean time what am I suppose to..so a lot of heating pads and rice pad to keep the pain away as much as I can..I will call my Dr's that did the test on me and see if I can go back on Naproxen since I am on the purple pill..tomorrow...I did tell him that I did not want to be on this pill because of the habit forming tendencies and have been on it for 3-4 months..but only need two weeks...he said to come in and told them I can't, my dh is on shut down for 2 weeks and he can't take any days off...and was lucky I did not have to reschedule my test at the hospital but will have to cancel my apt on the 9th with my eye specialist..but they know this with my dh job..I have done it so many times with them.
I am working on my autumn bargello stitch in the ditch very slowly with holographic gold thread and polyester invisible thread but it is not sliding very easily as the other quilts..and having to use more of my arm and that hurts..the batting is bit softer cotton batting, do not where I bought it at..than I will work on my fish art for my bathroom..poor things are calling my name...lol
I have also received my paints for my acrylic painting class and it has 10 lessons/blocks likely the call it..I have to still buy the right size palette as I can not find mine and don't think it is large enough. A lot of videos to download and a lot of pd to download
Someone, Claudine from the autism site, had mentions Pandora.com and went to it and it was really neat..you might want to try it out..
I found a game I like in Fb finally, Fish Bowl..I just love it..it is easy, simple and does not take much of my time. the listening to the sound of the water bubbles is so soothing it relaxing me..
I got into two other games, Fish Bowl and paradise board of something like that but don't like them and will delete them..even Farkle I do not like anymore..so I will just with my fishes!! lol have a great evening and thank you for visiting my blog, hugs, Lorraine

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