Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Patti through memory lane

In Hawaii sitting on a Banyan Tree stump on my mom's neighbor tree..1957
These photos on on muslin that I have not yet put on a quilt I am in process of making of us 5 children and mom and day, been in the makings for over 5 when I get it done...and I hope soon it is for I better get to it..she just turn 81..I know she will treasure it..this is of Donnie and Patti, youngest two children of mom..Don being the youngest..
Have a great day Patti, wish I was there to celebrate it with you..
This section for my friends who are worried about me and sending me email because I have been on this blog...yes, I miss it but there is nothing to put in here...I haven't made or finished anything but do not hold you breath, sewing machine is ready to go...going to machine quilt the pink and purple poinsettias..starting tomorrow...bite my town, if pain is there and take a pain killer..I really do not see any other way for me to live right now but with pain pills. even if I have been off them for awhile..but the last two day I have been on dorvaset since the nerve block did not last but 2 weeks. OH my dear friends, I was on cloud nine...went to dinner with my cane.. and not the walker..went shopping with cane and one time I walked without it but dh had to get a calf muscles were hurting so bad..not use to walking on them without any now I think I know what I have to
We have so many dr apt between me and Terry..dh had that kidney stone about 2 months ago..had to go the the emergency room..(4600) for a few hours..Anyway, he is seeing a dr for work they do a breathing test and because his pressure was slight high, they made him go see his regular dr..and he put him on high blood pressure pills..he did not feet good with these..but he than had to see his dr for a follow up and consultation about his kidney..He took my husband off the high blood pressure pill and told him to back and he family dr and let him know so he has another pill, which I was on for over 15 years till about 3 years ago, HTZ I think the initials are for it..he felt better with this one..the other pill would have depleted his calcium and wash to his kidneys causing a stone...he will have this rest of life..never know when or if it will come back..He also put Terry, my dh, on two other pills. and has to drink 1 gallon of lemonade, pure stuff a day-only one glass a day..but the others that are watered down a far everything is good..He is also seeing his dentist.needless to say I cancel 2 apt for we were losing to many days at work..half a day here, half a day weeks time..I ma going to have to back to my spine dr and give him the dvd of my MRI on my spine..I have to see my eye specialist and the dentist besides my family dr in stomach dr on Nov30 and he has a couple more over his dentures been fitted..His insurance did not cover it all so had to us the bad word, credit card.but we will pay the off in Jan when we take more stocks out..we just don't want them when we retire.. Anyway that is what is been going on..nothing new..
I am or was going to say behind in all my classes but they are over with so can't say that anymore..never did do them..I guess one day I will..I still have my art class with acyclic,,we are on lesson 3 or block 3 and still haven't downloaded the videos...I did not want to look at it but since I have to download it I will..I can't wait to start these either, have my small easel already set up int he studio 2..everything laid out..and sewing set up here too...just keep fingers cross that my fingers and calf muscles don't cramped up on me..
So what I have I been doing, enjoying myself with the games on Facebook, I just love them, when someone sends me another to look or view it, if I do not like lit it I am out of the one with the kitty cats, out of that tomorrow for sure..I just hope that I am not so addicted to them that I won't sew or Oh in between all these game and messing around the house a bit, I have read 5 or 6 books..I can not believe I still have not finish my quilting novel, and put on order and wanted to it so bad, half way I am so curious to see how it ends...but I usually have to lay down and read.. I read Patrick Swayze's book, "The Time of My Life". Oh what a wonderful man he was..I just miss him so much, I have been crazy about him since I saw him in the "Outsiders" and than "Red Dawn" I use to watch Red Dawn over and over and than came, Dirty Dancing..oh my..I also read Melissa Gilbert's Prairie was interesting as I did not she when through the drugs and alcohol., she sure did..I was surprise to know that she married to Bruce Boxleitner, I use to love him too..who did not I not I was more surprise to find out what type of man he was..we never know what these famous people go and they are just as normal like you and me..I now have McKenzie Phillips book to read...I seem to be reading bios and I go through this every so many years..Child star actors like Melissa Gilbert to me was just a spoiled little girl..IMO..good reading though..YOU will cry reading Patrick's book, so make sure you have a box of kinnex next to you..
I have about 7 more new books waiting in now dh and I have a night out with dinner and Barnes and Noble..they have a Starbucks in the store..we thoroughly enjoyed and we decided that is out date out together..we are book lovers..
I play games on FB and not afraid to let others know it..some think it is just awful, but I do not, I think it takes my void out of my life now and it does for a lot of people..nothing wrong also being on is up the individual and what she/he puts on their profile..I have heard others down these sites...but you know..I never thought I would do it..but I love..if its not your thing so let it be, but do not knock any person that is on it..It is not beneath you, either..Look, I found a few friends. cousins, and most of my family are now in contact on a daily and love that..I do know that I will be on FB till they kick me
I want to thank you my buddies I made online, through classes, who were in my groups for making cards and the others for keeping up with me and being my loyal friends..I do not know what I would do without you all..I hope this blogging has brought you up to date..and thank you so much for thoughts and prayers...lots of love and hugs, Lorraine

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