Monday, June 30, 2008

Hummng bird flowrs-Butterfly Bush-Suzie-Chat

The Hummingbird flowers and Butterfly Bush is my neighbors bushes..I water them so this is the first time I have seen the Hummingbird bloom and more blooms on the butterfly bush, as they are dying off but did not see that many butterflies this year, the first year she had this plant I did...
This is the last colorful bloom on the Butterfly Bush as the others either a whitish color or brown..glad I got it..

Of course I had to take photos of little one..she is getting very stubborn lately and making me very angry too..she won't listen..I know she is going deaf..but when I open that door and say come in Suzie and she doesn't and have to get her..this makes me angry..But than again when we get older we do tend to be on the stubborn side, don't we..
My large looking flowers that look like Hibiscus have bloomed in pink, white and one with a tint of purple but I miss them for a photo..but there are more blooms. I have a bright red on the south side and it hasn't started blooming...if I may say so, my yard is getting so pretty with all the flower pots blooming and the flowers in the yard..still have some lilies blooming away...I received these from Mom's friend that died a few years ago so all my lilies are Miss Dorothy. I name my flowers with names from the people that give them to me...Dutch Irises are called Gwendolyn's, the Lilac bush is known as the Courtney's...My middle rose bush is called, Michael's love, from my son in the rest I grew
I go in for my Lupus test tomorrow and I guess I am really not in a good mood knowing that I have to I know I do not have Lupus..if Dr tells me I do I will ask him what is on my blood work because that is what I have..Lupus is just a label for many other related diseases..we will see, I bet you I have to make another apt for test as this is probably just to meet him..this will for sure be my test of patience..will I do it or will I not..
I haven't sewn any yesterday or today....I am just admiring my Bargello on my designing board afraid I will ruin it if I sew it..but will maybe on Wed or even tonight..Sorry Ruth..dear teach.
My youngest son, Terrance came by to say hi and got to show him all my stuff I have been working on... he loved the pillow and could not get over the sewing done on it and than he tried to figure out the Twist
I am also worried about sis..thought she was OK but reading the paper she has gotten from the Dr' does not look good..she has a shadowing around her tumor and this is not good..So please my family and friends, keep her in your prayers, I say the rosary for you sis, every you..
I have practice cutting with out the ruler and using the rotary cutter making curvy strips on fabrics I did not care about and that is fun..I like this come the part to use the real fabrics intended for this class, this time I am saving for when it is finished..I will surprise you
Took mom shopping and I needed a few supplies too...Bought more fabric, I know I just did not need more but could not past up this 50% sale at Hancock's..and needed to buy some fusible interfacing and I know I have a lot of it but do not know where it is and so bought more...a lot easier than taking a lot drawers apart...and containers..some I forgot to label and the drawers needs to be labeled would Have a nice evening all.

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