Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Satin Stitch on Mary's pillow

I haven't done this is awhile and boy it sure was trail and errors...I was going to do a blanket stitch around the circle as I have been wanting to do this stitch from a machine..but with the fabric fraying even with wonder under..I did a close zig zag...and the signs are satin not look closely as I need more the next one will be I do not know about the backing now... a lot of stitching back there...hope these do not end up being pillow in the waiting line like some of my I will add straight stitching to add some details to the virgin. but it was fun to do again. Hand and shoulder hurts but it was worth the fun of it...I ended using my old iron horse of a machine..could not get the foot to stay on the other one...will leave that for my Bargello class strip piecing in the dinning room..when tire of this, I can go to the
I mended about 3 hours last night and it felt good to something that has been on my list for a very long time. I only have my 11 caftans to take up the hems...they were to my toes, but now that I have lost weight, I can't wear them they hang like draperies do...all over the floor...Than I will start sewing my halter tops and dresses...besides doing my 3 classes...have not even started the Embellisher class, have taken out fabric to audition for the Bargello...was going to do a scrappy one but mine strips are all different sizes and do not think they will work when we start to cut them up..we will see. I have black and 5 or 6 other fabric chosen now and do have to send a photo to the gallery so Ruth can help me the choices I have made...have a great day.

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