Friday, June 13, 2008

Fabrics chosen for Bargello Twist

I final auditions fabrics since I am not doing the scrappy one...the strips are not long enough and thought I would run into problem with having to cut where I would have a seam and than add more...not enough anyway...With the stash I have I just did not know what I wanted than thought I would pick colors that I love to put together...I will make two sets..with the pink and purple and the than other 3..I will end up making a checkerboard bargello twist, I anyway the hard part is done...
I was so disappointed with the birds on my deck yesterday..found one, just one, sunflower growing....and out of 3 pots of daisies..only one looks like they had a ball digging around the soil too....I haven't even set out my other packages of seeds yet but the pot is ready, so will put something over them so they don't dig them out...the sunflowers had their 4 stem on the tops too and had about 20 of them...that's mother nature for
I am going to doing machine quilting on the tops and bottoms of the pillows today and looks like tomorrow too as I am running a bit behind. Than I can start on the bargello and than the embellishment course..can you believe last I look she had 138 (not students for this class...I am not going to do this class it looks like before it closes but that is what is good about taking online courses, I can do them at my own pace...
Mom is doing better..she will not be able to go to the wedding..her grandson, Jason. she is still weak and it would wear her down pretty quick...But the good news is I do get to dh work did the shut down for the following week...I will be able to go on Thursday night to the rehearsal dinner and than the wedding on Friday...I am very pleased too.
Son is making some ends meet with odds jobs here and not like before when he was out of work, he could just jump into the car and do some searching around town..with gas prices and no money..he has to watch what he does...I can not pay for his gas bill..
Have a great afternoon all...


Kim West said...

Those are beautiful fabrics.

LorraineS said...

thank you Kim, I added the purple batik to the fabric choices and took out one of the to cutting the backing fabrics..a lot of them too, have a wonderful afternoon, hugs, Lorraine

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