Sunday, June 8, 2008

Progress on one pillow-What heart Dr told me

Here is the middle of the pillow with the signs and their names. I made the letters smaller to go with the signs...I had them straight across and than tried it this way with a curve and liked it a lot better.
Sorry for such a bad photo, but it is laying on my table and I am short person so I could not get a really good one but here I have added the sun rays and I think it looks great and added more depth to the quilt. Now to quilt it and work on my other pillow this evening. I have everything cut out so it will just a matter of putting it all together and ironing. This orange frayed a lot even with the wonder under, and to think I bought it online at not all fabrics are the greatest where ever you buy them...IMO
Dr called me yesterday and told me there where no blockage, and that I have Premature Ventricular Complexes known as PVCs..extra heart beats...STRESS related...I have a site to see but when I tried to copy it, it would have closed this window so will add it later so you can view it.
Have to make dh brunch and shop at the commissary and go see mom for a very short time...I am so glad I am not going to any Dr's this week and can stay home and relax for bit..and not put a bra on...hate wearing those But the following week I have to see Dr Gordon and he said we will discuss what to do about my PVC...well I am not quiting smoking that is for sure, talk about stress take them away from and I will show you a very stressful person!! lol seriously...Caffeine well I can deal with it..I use to drink half and half coffee but dh said and not known to me..that it was more expensive so he regular coffee last month and I did not know but knew the coffee tastes so good...shame on him..he should have asked first but today I will get half and Drinking do not have a problem but sure wanted to a Strawberry Have a great day all..Here is the site on PVCs.

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