Thursday, June 12, 2008

4th of July cards received/ mail call from Sis

Aren't these cards just one is from sis, Mary Adkins and the bottom is from Sharon Schmiedel...our last swap in my group that I closed on June 2nd.
(Never fear, there's another coming up soon...Fabric ATC embellishing, embroidery or gluing on these cards..received to many and want only fabric and fibers/beads...I will post here when I have set it up..soon though)
Here is my mail call from Sis and she has sent me 3 pin cushions...2 larger ones in the back, heart shape that you tie on the top..very pretty I might add...a 4th of July shoe pin cushion, I just love this one...with pins on them I forget what you call them...and a sewing aide that you put under your machine while sewing..purple of course or it would have been lime thank you much both of you..

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