Sunday, June 15, 2008

Some meandering and stipplie done on 1st pillow

I just went ahead and put the finished top in this posting. now to the will not be as full as this is...and than I will make the trim out of rope and hopefully it will be the same I do not have much and need about 8 we will see. whew!! I meandered with gold holographic around the signs and stars and used metallic gold for the sparkles!! Oh forgot..the stars are shooting stars but even when you click on it to view it you can not see it...I tried 4 times to get a close up and it just washes maybe I will have more luck with the orange I will be using copper holographic and metallic threads on them.
I have stippled all the stars and designs.I meandered only the inside of the circle. I like doing tiny circles..crossing over and either going up or down and making the circle go other directions..sometimes the machine will do what it it got away from me..but neat anyway..I will do larger meandering on the outside of the circle and leave the circle done almost and 3 more to go..going to make the stars shooting stars and than meander...this is a really fun part of quilting but very time consuming...I only found the left hand glove so I have use it or it would be really hard feeding it through..a little help goes a long to get back to the outside and put on Julio!! lol

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