Thursday, June 26, 2008

Strips are cut for Bargello Twist and labeled

I finally got all the strips cut about 3 hours ago and had to lay down. My hip started hurting again when I started cutting the strips yesterday..I started this morning, but tears would just fill my eyes trying to cut so I had to wait till I was over that..I am so worried for sissy...than she goes in and they had canceled her apt due an emergency and they did call but they some how miss that call. She has to wait another week to meet this Dr and than schedule an apt..I would think if it was serious, they would not put her off another week....especially if it growing that fast...
Anyway I get to take these strips to the designing board and "play"..the fun part..and that cut up the black fabric and place them where they go..on the top...In lesson 4 Ruth gave us a couple more options on how to place them and I liked one of them so will do that instead of what she did for the class...I will only do a quarter at a time..all the strips above is for four quarters...I have half of the unit 1 and about fourth of the I might be able to make something out of these later have a great tomorrow.

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