Thursday, June 26, 2008

One the designing wall not sewn yet

This was so exciting to make it come to life after cutting and sewing strips. the black that goes on top is not on here as I have just got to that part...than I will add it here...I will take another photo and put it on it and you will get a larger view of it...Ruth Blanchet is such a wonderful teacher to leaves nothing out in her is her website I order some of her patterns the other night and can wait to receive them...I wish all her classes were online and not in ca..maybe one day, Ruth, lol
I have another set of the colors I was going to do and will do that later in July when I am done with the two classes I just signed in today with QU Darned Quilts with Dena Crain Quilters Palette with Marjie McWilliams... is 4 weeks and the dyeing one is 5 weeks with 2 extra weeks...not able to do Dena's class as I want to do the Bargello and also I signed for Marjie's class first...Anyway now I will have this class to do when I want too, if I get her help while she's traveling have no idea...hope so or I have wasted both of our time and my money...we will see. I did email Dena, because if she can not I will forgo this class, tomorrow. No use taking if I can not get any help from her later on..I had forgot to ask Carol and should have, no one's fault but my own...too much on my mine lately..
Dr's apt tomorrow, gosh I can not wait till I have peace from all of them..I have lost a total of 36 lbs since June 6 of last year..I know I could have lost more if I only could exercises like i use to and I really can not wait for that day to come back...but I will do as i can least I am losing it and not gaining Now I have a decision to I take in all my clothes or buy new ones...some still have price tags on but been a while since i bought them so i know i can not return them...some only been used once..this will be a major project if I decide to take them all i do plan to lose why buy new says my pants looks horrible on me as they are so oh well...we will see..with me taking all these classes there is no time for being a seamstress again..for now anyway..OHHHHHHHHHHH dh fixed my works like a I do not have to buy another

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