Friday, June 20, 2008

Rehearsal Dinner Party Gathering June 19 2008

Jason and Jamie's rehearsal dinner party was held at Gwen and Stan Carpenter's home. The home is decorated to perfection..always is. This photo is in the corner, I call the "Bridal Corner" Isn't is just beautiful. Here is the couple to be Mr. and Mrs. Jason Lausterer tonight.
I am very proud of this photo...what a beautiful couple! Here is a close up..Jason and Jamie I wish you happiness in your future..
Here is the same photo above but it was an error one which I just love the intimacy of it.
Here is a bunch of photos to look through. It was a wonderful gathering. Gwen and Stan worked hard and it paid off. The bottom photo to the right is the two waitress that Gwen and Stan hired and they a wonderful job..sorry I have forgotten you names but will put them up here as soon as I get them..Now have a drink and relax...tonight will be so much Congratulations to Jason and Jamie.
Here is the Menu that Gwen sent to me: It was all delicious..
Menu: Spinach dip,salmon cheese ball, date pecan rosemary cheese ball, salmon kabobs,
Green Salad with feta cheese, walnuts, apples
Smoked Chicken Pasta, grilled aspargusand rolls
Italian cream cake and Boston choco. cream cake

The waitresses were Elizabeth and Andrea

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