Monday, June 2, 2008

Red, White and Blue

Going to try this again...I had everything typed up and ready to send and this blogger did something and erased every
My oldest son, Mike, helped me decorate my dinning room table for the holidays that are coming up...wanted this done for Memorial weekend but dh did not help me...But it will be ready for Flay Day, June 14Th, 4Th of July and Labor All in a row for our holidays...I wanted to add sequins but could I find them, no...but when I do I will throw some in, white and blue
I am a bit nervous about Thursday, but can not really do anything about so I have accepted it..What will happen, will happen...I have heard about what can happen or all depends on the I am hoping I am on the good receiving Wednesday probably be worst than Thursday as it will only last 4 hours but Wednesday I can not have any caffeine or chocolate..chocolate not worried about but I love my coffee...all day no smoking after apt is at 930 and pretty sure once they do all they are going to do to me, I probably won't care for one till who knows...Just wish it was done
I haven't tried to do anything with sewing today as I feel I will mess up big time..even brain is not functioning
I did go and buy more batiks at Hancock's at 50 percent off to make some halter sun dresses and tops..they are going to so nice to have some newer ones...all I wear in the summer with an over blouse when I go bra...yeah!! lol
I do feel so much better with my new sugar pill, I have more energy, not getting sleepy in the afternoons, so this is good...I had asked for a very mild nerve pill and I get xantax...25 for twice a day..they asked me what is wrong with me...the pharmacist...and told me not to take till after the stress test..well I wanted to take to relieve that little edge, lol I am dealing with every thing just fine and will not take these pills at all..but just in case, I have them.
I seem to have more to say before but can not remember so it wasn't have a wonderful evening..


Lynne said...

Good Luck with your appointments Lorraine - your red, white and blue looks great.

LorraineS said...

Thank you I am trying to figure out what to do and not ruined it, my mind is of course on Thrusday..I was not going to let it bother me, but I guess it does..I feel much better just knowing my oldest son will be with me and not just dropped me off....why I do not know..I guess I do not want to be case something does happen..he can do
My red, white and blue...thank you. Tonight we notice when doing something, you lay it down, whether it is a sheet of paper or can not find it!! it gets but love it anyway..still going to try and find the sequins...Right now I have itching hands I want to sign up for more classes and know that I am in two and going on 3 do not need anymore at this time..please take care..hugs, Lorraine

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