Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow and Ice storm..Jan 29 2010

Right now it is sleeting and has been for about 35 minutes..the snow is already crunchy, as Suzie had to go out and decided to take a couple of photos..memories, lol..anyway, underneath is snow than some sleet and snow and now sleet again..Already saw two cars doing their sliding and slipping in front of my house...I am pretty sure they getting off work early trying to beat it before it gets really far the trees are not all iced up..that is what happen in 2003 in hoping this is not a repeat..
Wanted to show my gazebo...dh did not take the screen down and you can see ice on it...probably ruin for sure..I know one thing Suzie did her business and came a running usually she likes to prance around like a
All have a safe day and stay warm, hugs Lorraine
click on the photo and it will be larger!

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